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Circlo© is a Dream!

Circlo© is the dream of three friends who have decided to pool their talents to create an exceptional object intended to illuminate the space thanks to the strength and the gifts of mother-nature!

Circlo© is a wonderful eclipse. Beautiful as a sun hidden behind the Moon for a moment but which would have decided to remain motionless forever to keep all the poetry of its luminous crown.

The purest Technology is that which is effaced in front of Beauty while giving it an advantage!

Born from the marriage of creative daring and the perfect mastery of electric fields, Circlo© is not only a mysterious and enigmatic lamp but also a technical innovation which gives its place to intuition and touch.

From a mini-sphere that magically levitates in its heart come the orders that give it Life and illuminate its environment!

Touch with delicacy this amazing, twirling gravity-defying object and take control of the Circlo©.

Just as Prometheus brought fire to men according to legend, bring light in all its states, all its intensities and all its colors for your delight and that of your loved ones.

Circlo© is the first Dream.

Circlo© is the eldest of a new Generation of extraordinary lights that will obey the single controlled action of just one of your fingers on an object suspended in the air.

Circlo© is the sacred union of Science, Magic and Light.

Circlo©, coming to you soon!