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Innovation could once have been the action of a single man with a good idea to advance the technological achievements of his time. Today, in the 21st century, it is inevitably a team effort where each individual contributes with his intelligence, his vision and his means to build a common project for a common success!

The team was born from the perfectly connected imagination for years of its 3 inventors who became friends, beyond business and its hassles.

Their differences, their faults and their qualities have strengthened the cocoon which gave birth to this beautiful luminous object.


Thierry CHARGUERAUD, 51, French, graduate of higher commercial education, French entrepreneur for almost 20 years in the field of Consumer Electronics. Thierry has been passionate about magnets since his childhood. In 2004, he met Robert and Mr Li for the first time. Since this period, they have perfected and developed dozens of different products using the mastered technology of electromagnetic levitation. Globes, lighting, speakers, photo frames, gardens, bottles ... everything was originally developed by the talent and daring of this foolproof collaborative spirit! "Nothing is impossible" is the credo!


Robert WANG(on the left), Brilliant electronics engineer having followed a high level course in Switzerland (Polytechnique Lausanne). CEO and founder of HCNT, factory located near Ghangzhou in the South of China (Province de Zhaoqing), leader in electromagnetism and its applications. Robert does not shy away from any challenge or project, however complex. He knows how to seize opportunities and shows extraordinary responsiveness in developing prototypes and bringing ideas to life. It has enabled the success of many European and American players and is experiencing exponential growth in China through its choice of the most promising distribution channels!

Mr Li(on the right), Partner and true right-hand man of Robert at HCNT, he is able to develop with his engineers and technicians the most complex in record time. He does not master the language of Shakespeare but his results presented are often speechless! Always smiling and in a good mood, he is a real asset to carry out all projects by providing them with reliability and durability.

All 3, on the strength of their experiences and backgrounds, have decided to join forces with INOVAXION International, a young company located in Paris, to give real consistency and strength to this luminous adventure for the future !